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Private Debt Solutions We Offer

1. Revolvers

Credit facilities where working capital assets form the collateral base of the loan and the amount available to the borrower is driven by a borrowing base. The borrowing base determined is typically calculated weekly or bi-weekly and highlights accounts receivable and inventory values after applying various deductions, including potential priority claims and ineligible collateral.

Credit facilities provided to companies based on their accounts receivable balances, usually to support working capital requirements.


Inventory Financing

Credit facilities provided to companies to purchase inventory that will be sold at a later date. The inventory will be used as collateral.

Purchase Order Financing

Financing for a borrower’s inventory procurement to complete work under binding purchase orders.

Warehouse Facilities

Providing credit facilities for a borrower's loan originations which are generally packaged and sold to a long-term take-out lender.

2. Short-Term Loans

Short-term loans collateralized against identifiable assets of the Borrower Group including but not limited to real estate, equipment, accounts receivable, and inventory. These loans help the Borrower Group realize their growth plans, with a larger recapitalization and repayment within 6 months to 1 year.


Private debt financing provided to companies to acquire or refinance the equipment necessary for operational purposes.

Enterprise Value Loans

Short-term cash flow loans provided to entities where collateral is based on the enterprise value of the borrower.

Acquisition Financing

Short-term loans provided to companies to finance an acquistion or merger.

Collateral We Consider

  • Advance rates up to 90% of Accounts Receivable

  • Advance rates up to 85% of Inventory

  • Advance rates up to 85% of Machinery & Equipment

  • Advance rates up to 85% of Loan Portfolios

  • Advance rates up to 70% of Real Estate

  • Advance rates up to 65% of Intellectual Property

Typical Credit Facility Parameters

Facility Size: $10MM - 60MM

Rank: Senior Secured

Facility Structure: Revolver / Short Term Loan

Interest Rate: Floored / Floating + Prime Rate

Borrower Size: $20MM - 500MM in Annual Revenue

Borrower Business Situation: Growth, Turnaround, Restructuring

Geographies: Canada, United States, Western Europe, Australia

Industry: Sector agnostic with specific exclusions

Not sure what type of financing is right for you? Talk to our Origination Team.

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