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Private Credit

Cortland's flagship strategy

Cortland Credit Strategies LP ("CCSLP") is an open-ended private debt strategy offered to Canadian accredited investors looking for low-volatility monthly income and strong built-in principal protection.

The fund invests in short-term senior-secured asset-based loans written to lower middle-market companies located predominantly in North America and Europe. These loans are originated and underwritten by Cortland's in-house investment team.


1-year return


volatility since inception

Why invest in this strategy?

Cortland's "Credit Box"

1. Senior-Secured

Senior-secured loans occupy the highest rank on the capital stack and are the first to be repaid in the event of default. Learn more about capital structure here.

Senior Debt

Junior Debt

2. Asset-Based

Compared to cash-flow loans, where companies borrow capital based on future projected cash flows, asset-based loans are based on the value of borrower's balance sheet assets.

Asset-Based Loans

Cash-Flow Loans

3. Short-Term

Cortland writes loans with a typical maturity of 12-18 months. The short-term nature of our loans allows for frequent credit decisions and better protection of investors' capital.

Short-Term Loans

Long-Term Loans

Fund Facts
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Registered Investments

Invest with Cortland via registered accounts with Cortland Credit Strategies RRSP Fund.

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