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Private Debt
in Canada

Cortland's Investment Approach

1. Developing Strategies for All Market Conditions 

For over 10 years, we have strived to develop investment strategies that serve as a bedrock of consistent investment performance in our clients' portfolios throughout various economic and credit cycles. The chart below highlights the importance of having these complementary "bedrock" strategies in your portfolio.

2. Sourcing Assets with Attractive Risk-Return Profiles 

We focus on identifying private debt assets with the best risk-return characteristics available in the market. All investment opportunities are evaluated through a rigid underwriting process to ensure strong principal protection of investors' capital.

3. Creating Intra-Asset Diversification 

Our investors gain a pure exposure to private debt assets that is diversified across various parameters, such as geography, sector, and loan type.

Private Credit

Our flagship strategy with 10-plus years of investment track record.

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