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Cortland Credit


Cortland Credit is a leading Canadian private debt asset manager.
Our primary investment strategy entails funding the growth of small and medium enterprises across the globe through flexible debt capital.

Our investors gain unique exposure to a diversified portfolio of private debt instruments that provides strong principal protection and consistent monthly income.



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Our Niche :
Short-Term Private Debt

Since the 2008 global financial crisis, bank lending has retrenched across North American & European markets, creating the need for alternative sources of financing to help support the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). At Cortland, we focus on senior-secured short-term private debt as we believe this asset class offers the best risk-return profile available in private debt markets.

Our origination team possesses extensive experience in originating and structuring complex commercial financing solutions for SMEs across the globe. Our conservative underwriting standards ensure we partner with established companies that have a robust business model, repeat client base, and strong growth potential. 

The Cortland Advantage

Decades of Experience
Robust Framework
Long-Term Partnership

Deal Examples

We provide debt capital that meets unique business needs. Explore opportunities offered by Cortland's lending platform.

Investing With Cortland

Short-Term Private Debt

Learn about the benefits of

adding short-term private

debt to your portfolio.

Our Flagship Strategy

Cortland's flagship private debt strategy has delivered over 9 years of consistent returns to our investors.

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